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Prefinished Hardwood flooring versus Unfinished Hardwood flooring

Advantages and/or disadvantages

Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Understand the process

Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

Understand the process

Prefinished flooring is manufactured in a facility mostly by conveyor belt method. After the Hardwood is kiln dried, tongue and grooved, and beveled on the edges, it is placed on a conveyor belt where the stain (unless "Natural") is applied and then dried on the top of the boards. From there, it continues down the conveyor belt where thin amounts of a water-based polyurethane finish are jet-sprayed on top of the boards. Each coat of finish is applied in a thin layer so that it will dry quickly before the boards reach the next set of sprayers. This process continues until each board has approximately 7 - 8 coats of 
sprayed-on type finish. You should also know that each run that each time a new run is made, the dye lot changes. Sometimes the color will change just slightly, almost unnoticeable; however, sometimes the color is not even close to the color of the previous production.
Prefinished flooring comes in a variety of thicknesses (i.e. Solid, Laminate, engineered, etc.); however, the manufacturing process is the same.
What are the advantages and/or disadvantages of installing Prefinished Hardwood flooring versus installing Unfinished Hardwood flooring?

There is nothing better than an Unfinished Hardwood floor that is sanded and finished on site. To help you understand the difference, you first have to understand the process.

Unfinished Hardwood flooring, after it is sanded and finished, it is flat and smooth (if done properly). Most Unfinished Hardwood flooring does not have a beveled edge so dust and dirt getting trapped between the boards is not a problem. If stained, the stain is applied in a wipe on, wipe off excess, technique which allows the Hardwood to look more natural (as Hardwood was intended to look) and, more importantly, the polyurethane finish is applied With an applicator in thick coats giving the customer a longer-lasting wear protection. Unfinished Hardwood floor allows a Custom stained colors.
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